Our Contracting Services

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Additions and Home Construction

D.B. Construction, LLC is here to help you design and build your new living space. If you already have a plan for the layout, we’re happy to use it. If you’re not sure exactly how you want it to look, we can help advise on best practices.  We've also partnered with some great designers who can also help figure out your project. 


Kitchen remodeling

Our professional craftsmen can handle any size of project; we do everything from simple replacements to complete overhauls. Below are just a few of the ways we can help with your kitchen projects:

  • Design a new, efficient layout
  • Install flooring
  • Expand your kitchen’s size
  • Switch out your lighting fixtures
  • Build a kitchen island or breakfast bar
  • Update your countertops
  • Replace your appliances
  • And much more

We also cater to your style. Whether you want a simple design geared toward making quick meals or a deluxe setup worthy of a master chef, we’ll help you develop the perfect kitchen. 


Bathroom remodeling

We've done a lot of these! Whether you need new flooring or more storage space, our team of licensed and insured plumbers, electricians, and bathroom remodelers are equipped to provide you with great bathroom remodeling contracting service. We can help with the following: 

  • Redesign the bathroom’s layout to be more spacious and functional
  • Install new sinks, bathtubs, and other outdated fixtures
  • Paint the walls
  • Create custom-made cabinets or vanities
  • Build linen closets and other storage areas
  • Install better lighting
  • And much more

Tenant Finish - commercial 

In addition to residential services, we work commercially as well. Our past clients have included several apartment buildings, condominiums, and homeowner associations. We’ve also worked on numerous offices, stores, and businesses. Our Denver general contractors will bring out the best in your business, making it appealing to both your customers and your employees.